Complete Guide On How To Install PHP

On this occasion the admin will discuss a complete guide on how to install PHP, now in this article the admin will discuss some important points that can support how to install PHP. To be able to install the PHP programming language, of course, you have to prepare many things, such as a web host and many other things. Please friends, see the discussion below regarding a complete guide on how to install php.

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Because PHP is a free and open source programming language, to be able to install it on your computer is not a difficult thing. Friends can install PHP on windows, Mac os, Linux or on other operating systems. It is also possible to install and run PHP in various cloud environments.

The PHP programming language is certainly different from other programming languages ​​such as HTML and CSS, websites created with the PHP programming language must of course be processed with an application called a web server. It is the web server that can translate PHP code into HTML code and send and display it on a web browser.

To be able to run this PHP code, of course, you need at least three types of programmers, namely:

  • Web Server Application
  • PHP Application
  • Web Browser Application

Technically, you don't need to install PHP: most web hosts and servers already have PHP support built in. However, installing PHP may be more convenient for you as a developer, especially in the early stages.

Ultimate Tips For Installing PHP

  • To be able to install PHP on your computer for free, you can use the downloadable files and manuals provided by
  • You will also need access to the web server and database management to be able to use PHP properly.
  • Friends need to remember that the PHP programming language is widespread, many web hosts already have built-in PHP support.

Different Ways To Install PHP 7

  • One option to immediately install PHP on windows is to download WebMatrix. But that method was discontinued in 2017 after Microsoft dropped it in favor of a text editor, namely Visual Studio Code. you can use it for most programming languages, including but not limited to PHP.
  • If you want to waste your time and get PHP up and running as soon as possible, you should look for a web host that has strong support for PHP and MYSQL. So to start, friends can create an index.php file and upload it via FTP access.
  • You can also of course consider installing a web server on your computer. Basically, the server is open source software that will certainly provide the necessary functionality to your website. The best example is XAMPP, which can run on Windows, Linux and Mac OS operating systems.

Install PHP or Web Host

Most web hosts can support PHP, because it's free and many people use it. When you find it, of course you don't need to manually install PHP on your computer or look for any additional tools.

When you create a file with a .php extension, please place it in the directory that you have. The server will automatically do the work for you, the next step please sit back and think about what program code you will write.

Install PHP 7 On Personal Computer (PC)

Most computers do not support the PHP programming language by default. But to install it yourself is free and does not take time to install PHP on windows, mac os, ubuntu and other operating systems. Then how can friends install it on their respective computers? Please friends pay attention to the points below.
  • Please prepare for the functionality required in this PHP 7 installer.
  • Database management systems such as MYSQL to be able to store, access and manage content that you create easily.
  • Tools and instructions on how to install PHP. of course provides all the manual files for free.

Conclusion of How to Install PHP

  • Friends, of course, are not required to install PHP on your computer.
  • Many web hosts of course already have support for this PHP programming language such as XAMPP, WARMM and so on.
  • Installing the PHP programming language is of course free and easy, all the necessary software can be found on
  • To be able to use all the functions of PHP, you will of course need access to the website server and database management system.
Well, of course, we have learned how to prepare and how to install this PHP programming language.

Thank you for visiting and reading this article about the Complete Guide on How to Install PHP. Hopefully useful -- greetings success :)

By: Muhammad Rizal Supriadi

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