Learn PHP: Main Concepts and Principles of PHP Programming

At this time the admin will discuss Learning PHP which includes the main concepts and principles of PHP programming. Well, of course, in this article, the admin will discuss in full the explanation of Learning PHP, the main concepts and principles of PHP programming.

Okay, my friends, see and understand the discussion below.

Of course, friends have learned about the discussion of HTML and CSS which are part of the framework and design on a website page, but the most important thing that friends must know is how the website can store data and interact dynamically which includes the server side which of course must handled. This is of course very important for friends to learn so that friends are able to make a website and worthy and publish it to the world.

I believe that by learning PHP programming, you can turn your website into a dynamic work of art. Learn the PHP programming language now and discover how the pages you create can handle user data and manage other important functions.

We will go deeper into what PHP programming means. well PHP is defined as a Personal Home Page but at this time it is better known as Hypertext Preprocessor.

The creator of this PHP programming language is Rasmus Lerdorf who released it in 1995. Since then this PHP programming language has become the most popular server-side scripting language in the world. As admin explained earlier, you have to learn php for website development purposes, especially to work on the back-end of the website.

The most significant difference with other programming languages ​​such as HTML, CSS, Javascript is its purpose and use. Which aims to be able to save the website and make the website more dynamic.

Display on a site is made using HTML, CSS, Javascript. But when the development deals with data, of course it will use the PHP programming language. Therefore, if you have decent skills in website development in terms of graphical interfaces. The next step is to learn the PHP programming language and make your website dynamic and interactive.

Why You Should Learn PHP: Purpose And Use

Are you interested and ready to start studying this tutorial without any more excuses? Here admin has several reasons why friends should:

  • Very much needed by companies as well as constant demand for PHP programming language programmers.
  • Has a large community to be able to connect with various ideas from various sources.
  • The freedom to be able to use PHP with various operating systems such as IOS, Windows or Linux.
  • Has the main support by a server that is the largest Apache and Netscape.
The admin has determined that the PHP programming language is related to the server-side scripting language of a website. Now, friends, please refer to the main purpose of this PHP programming language:
  • Manipulating files on the server side, namely closing, opening, writing, reading or deleting.
  • Securing data, of course, friends can encrypt data so that it is not misused or ends up in the wrong hands.
  • Cookie Management, Friends can send and receive cookies.
  • Restrictions, you can prevent who I can access the website.
  • Communication, friends can also send emails to website users that you created.
  • Forms, friends can use information about the use of course by using a form, namely a data entry form.

Where To Start ?

The PHP programming language is certainly a great additional programming language for overall skills. If friends decide to study properly. Admin recommends friends to follow the guide to make the learning experience more efficient.
  • Start learning by understanding the introduction to the main concepts or principles of PHP programming.
  • Then learn more specific things such as syntax, variables and others.
  • See sample code scripts and try to practice them directly to practice.
  • If you still can't understand it, you can watch a video tutorial about learning PHP.
After you start learning the PHP programming language, of course you will learn the unique PHP files that are processed by a website server. A file that has a .php extension is a simple document containing a PHP script. But when you open a PHP file with Notepad or other text editor. you will not be able to read the code because only the server can read and process it.

What Will You Learn?

Maybe you are new to PHP programming, or you can say that you are a beginner who is just getting into PHP programming, the tutorials that the admin wrote, God willing, can help and friends are easy to understand. All admin discussions will make it separately so that friends are not overwhelmed when learning it.

In the next tutorial we will learn about the installation process, and in another tutorial we will focus on some basic PHP programming principles. The more friends continue to learn, the more friends get. Friends can also learn other tutorials on this website. Keep practicing harder so that friends can quickly understand and learn this PHP programming language.

Maybe that's all the admin can convey in this article, hopefully this article can provide benefits for friends who read it.

Hopefully useful - Greetings Success :)

By: Muhammad Rizal Supriadi

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