Learn Swift Language: Uses, Functions, Advantages and Data Types

In this article, server coding will discuss learning the swift language in full, which includes uses, functions, advantages and data types. Learning swift programming is very important. Where this programming language is a language that is mandatory for us to learn because of its convenience and has many advantages compared to other programming languages ​​and is intended for the IOS platform or Apple OS.

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No need to linger anymore, let's just discuss What is the Swift language.

What is the Swift language?

Learn the swift language in full where we will know what is the swift language? It is a programming language developed by Apple Inc. To develop applications in a platform, especially the platform created by the Apple Inc. company. Swift programming language belongs to the functional object class or (functional - object), which is designed to work with Objective-C. Swift programming language was created in 2014 to be more precise introduced at the WWDC event.

This language is also the language of instruction for mac developers, iOS developers and other Apple platforms. The language is designed to work with Apple's Cocoa framework, Swift's base language is Objective-C. Geeks for Geeks say, the swift programming language was developed by Chris Latter with the aim of creating it to solve the difficulties that exist in the Objective-C language.

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In the same year, Version 1.2 appeared. At this time swift has reached version 5.

Examples of writing the Swift programming language are as follows:

// Dasar perograman Swift
import UIKit
var str1 = "Selamat Datang di Forumkoding!"
var str2 = "Kita sedang belajar Swift"
print (str1)
print (str2)

The result of the code above will display the string that has been created or entered into the string.

Welcome to Forumkoding

Learn the swift programming language

Swift programming language certainly can't be underestimated, because there are so many great applications that have been built using this programming language such as Spotify, Instagram and You Tube in the IOS version.

Next, we will discuss the advantages of the Swift programming language, please refer to the discussion below. 

Advantages of Swift Programming Language

Reporting from the official website, the advantages of the Swift programming language include:


Swift is arguably a programming language that was just launched in 2014, for that reason this swift language has the latest technology and is modern, modern and very neat. Even in the use of this swift programming language, there is no need to use semicolons for every script created.

This of course can make it easier to create program code. In addition, the swift programming language can also minimize errors in writing program code.


Swift programming languages ​​are also claimed to have better security, because they do not have a coding group that can be damaged by irresponsible people.


In the programming language Swift is no stranger to compilling, which is the processing of reading a programming language by a computer. After reading it will be converted into a series of commands.

Swift uses a concept called LLVM compilling, this of course makes it read faster by the computer so that the program can run very quickly.


Swift programming has a very simple structure when compared to other programming languages, to the point that the Apple company claims that the swift language is designed for anyone who is just learning the programming language.

The Apple company has also released a special curriculum to be able to teach this language to the wider community, as for the Ipad application called Swift Playground for learning while playing.

5. Open Source

In the swift programming language built concurrently, there is a source code, bug tracker and chat forum from and for use by the developers themselves.

What's more, there are a series of blogs, conferences and special meetings for the developers.

6. Supports Objective-C

This advantage is of course the swift programming language can be run simultaneously with the Objective-C programming language. So it can make the development process easier.

Disadvantages of Swift Programming Language

This programming language must be used using Apple devices to make it more leverage.

Only intended for Apple devices.

Types of Data in Swift

1. Integer

Integers are used to display and store numbers in numerals with a size of 32bit or 64bit. For example, as shown below:

var angka: Int = 12345

2. Float

Float itself can accommodate 32-bit fractional numbers ranging from -3.40282e+38 to 3.40282e+38. Examples of its use are as follows:

var angka: Float = 3.14159

3. Double

The double data type can accommodate fractions with a size of 64 bits, starting from -2.2250738585072e-308 to 1.79769313486232e+308. Examples of the use of double as follows:

var angka: Double = 17.23162

4. Strings

As with other programming languages, the string data type is used to hold characters, letters. An example of its implementation is as follows:

var nama: String = “Muhammad Rizal - (Forumkoding)”

5. Character

The character data type can accommodate literal letters (one character), for example, "C". An example of its implementation is as follows:

var jenisKelamin: Character = “R”

6. Bool

The boolean data type is used to determine and hold true or false statements. For an example of its implementation as follows:

var isEmailValid: Bool = false

7. Optional

The optional data type is used to represent a variable that can have a value or not have a value at all. Examples of its application are:

var nama: String? = nil
var namaLengkap: String? = “Muhammad Rizal - (Forumkoding)”

8. Tuples

The tuple data type is a data type that combines several data types into one, for the constituent data types can be of any type. The implementation of this tuple data type is as follows:

var myProfile: (String, String, Int, Bool) = (firstName: “Muhammad”, lastName: “Rizal”, age: 20, isJomblo: true)


Finally, we come to the final stage where we have learned the swift language in full, covering the advantages and types of data in swift programming. Hopefully this article can add to the knowledge and insight of friends that the swift programming language is one that is mandatory for us to learn.

Maybe that's all that the admin can convey in this article, hopefully it can provide benefits, especially for the admin itself and generally for all of us. Thank you for visiting and reading this article about Complete Swift Learning: Uses, Functions, Advantages and Data Types.

By: Muhammad Rizal S

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