Learning Typescript: Definition, Components and Strengths

At this time we will learn typescript programming starting from the understanding, components and advantages of this programming language compared to the javascript programming language. Typescript programming language is a programming language that uses the exact same grammar as the javascript programming language but with various advantages this programming language is often referred to as a more modern javascript language.

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What is a Typescript Language

Learn Typescript programming, this programming was developed by a multinational technology company, namely Microsoft which aims to develop applications or websites. Typescript is one of the most popular programming languages ​​among website and application developers.

This typescript programming language was designed by a programmer named Anders Hejlsberg who works for the Microsoft company, and is also a designer of the C# programming language. The first version of this language is introduced in 2021.

In Typescript programming there are two modules, namely internal and external:

Internal module: The internal module is almost similar to the namescspace as found in the C# programming language. Of course it is possible to assign symbols (variables, functions and classes) to a global scope. In its declaration internal modules can be split into several file sections. This can certainly encourage the development team to have well-structured projects with small files.

External Module: This is a way of the Typescript programming language to be able to define asynchronously loaded modules for either require.js (AMD) systems or node.js (commonjs) modules.

In learning programming typescript also uses modules to be able to declare APIs from third parties. This is done through the code and interface or commonly referred to as the internal and external module ambient.

The typescript programming language has the following components:
  1. This programming language consists of syntax, keywords and type annotations.
  2. The Typescript Compiler can convert instructions written in typescript into the equivalent or the same as the javascript programming language.
  3. There is a Typescript Language Service which provides an extra layer around the core compiler pipeline which is an almost editor-like application. The service can support a general range of ordinary editor operations such as statement completion, help and signatures, formatting, coloring and so on.

Advantages of Typescript 

There are several advantages in this programming language, namely:

1. Object-Based Programming Features

Learning to typescript programmer includes a series of features namely Object Oriented Programming (OOP) which is very good and also very complex to use. Unless you have previously used the javascript programming language, of course you can compare the code generated from the typescript and javascript programming languages. This feature makes Typescript code very neat and structured.

2. No Plugin Runtime Required

In all modern technology can translate itself into a standard form which of course can be understood and also run by all major browsers.

This includes typescript or CoffeeScript languages, markup languages ​​such as Markdown or HTML and styling such as Less or Sass. In the case of typescript all scripts written will be translated into plain javascript programming language so that it can be run using a web browser.

3. Improve Team Performance

Using the Typescript language can certainly improve overall performance. Both when working individually or in a team. With higher performance will produce something better.

The Typescript programming language can allow developers to understand projects more quickly. Data structures as well as annotation types that are briefly and explicitly defined can make it much easier to understand every decision made by developers early in code writing.

4. Popular Programming Languages

In a 2019 survey conducted by StackOverflow, Typescript is the most popular programming language after the Python programming language. This programming language is of course widely used in software products such as Asana, Slack and also Visual Studio Code.

Many tools are also built in this language, including frameworks namely Angular, Ionic and Aurelia.

Disadvantages of Typescript

Of course, every programming language has its own drawbacks, here are the shortcomings contained in Typescript.

1. Learning Curve

As a Front-end Developer, of course you will be very saturated with all kinds of frameworks and technologies, of course it will make it difficult to follow.

Although the typescript programming language is one of the most popular, not all javascript developers can understand the syntax in typescript. With this, of course, the team's work will be a little hard because they have to understand the concept first.

If the work team wants to use this language, then you must first make sure that everyone on the team already understands this programming language.

2. Requires Tools

Although the visitor's browser does not need any plugin to be able to run it, of course, as a developer, you need special tools for editors or IDEs to transcribe the typescript programming language. This includes improving the editor for highlighting and also formatting Typescript keywords for yourself.

If you are a Windows and Mac user, a tool that can help is Visual Studio Code and is highly recommended in the use of the typescript programming language.

3. Difficult to change with CMS (Content Management System)

If you are using a CMS to build a website and develop it, you can make changes to the .css file as well as the .js script file on the admin portal. Unfortunately, when you want to use the typescript programming language, of course it won't be easy to edit it on the admin portal.

This is of course very complicated in some scenarios. If you imagine a developer opens and edits a javascript file that is translated to the admin portal because it most likely doesn't see the Typescript file.

Furthermore, other developers cancel all updates by changing the actual typescript file and can overwrite the contents of the file in that javascript.

4. Complicated Typing System

In the typing system of the typescript language, although this tool is a good one in many ways, sometimes in its proper use it is still too complicated to use.

Of course it's not entirely detrimental to the Typescript programming language, it's just a downside which of course comes from a full operation with javascript, which in itself can leave room for compilation.

Difference Between TypeScript and JavaScript

TypeScript and JavaScript share a lot for all intents and purposes. However, this does not mean that these two programming dialects do not have critical contrasts.

Reporting from The Software House, the difference between TypeScript and JavaScript doesn't just lie in their delivery history.

1. Contrast between TypeScript and JavaScript

JavaScript is an ECMAScript executable language that has recently been used in site development. Meanwhile, TypeScript is made to rely on a JavaScript superset. Another difference between these two programming dialects lies in the execution of the code.

JavaScript performs code execution through comprehensions. In this way, these codes can be directly applied to the site. Interestingly, TypeScript converts code into JavaScript code for programs to understand. Since JavaScript code can be used right away, you don't have to bother with any basic setup when using this programming language.

Surprisingly, you may encounter some bugs or surprising behavior that should be found in the program. When using TypeScript, you will need more initial setup. So, you need extra adaptability besides understanding JavaScript code.

After all, you'll think that it's easier to troubleshoot when using TypeScript. Therefore, site progress should be possible faster.

2. Which is smarter to use?

As Hackr.io points out, what matters is the level of complexity of the site you are going to build. If you just need to use simple code, JavaScript is the right programming language for you.

However, you can definitely work with TypeScript if the code used is more complicated to handle and more prone to errors. This is because some errors are better if found during assembly time itself. The entire codebase written in Java can be reused using TypeScript. Both TypeScript and JavaScript, you can use the programming language that best suits your individual needs.

Features in Typescript Programming

Learning typescript programming, this programming course offers classes, modules and interfaces that can make developers easily develop complex applications, the advantages of these features include:

1. Support Class and Module

Keywords such as class, extends, interface and module are already available in Typescript, you can define a class like this:
// class define in TypeScript
class VirtualPageTracker extends Tracker {
    private virtualPageName: string = '';
    constructor(name) {
    getName(): void {
        return this.virtualPageName;
    static getTrackerName(): string {
        return  'VirtualPageTracker';

2. Static Type-Checking

The typescript compiler will of course check and will display a warning for typing errors when we are compiling. For example, the script looks like this:
var name: string;
name = 2; // ketik kesalahan, tetapkan nomor ke variabel tipe string
function foo(value: number) {}
foo(''); // ketik kesalahan, gunakan angka sebagai parameter tipe string
interface Bar {
    setName: (name: string) => void;
    getName: () => string;
var bar: Bar = {
    getName: function() {
        return 'myName';
} //

3. ES6 Feature Support

It is a version of the ECMAScript Language Specification with various language features. By using the typescript programming language you can start by using many of the features available in ES6 even though it may not support the target browser you are using. Examples of features that we can use are:
// for..of loops
var arr = ['a', 'b', 'c'];
for (let item of arr) {
Compiled as follows:
/// for..of loops
var arr = ['a', 'b', 'c'];
for (var _i = 0; _i < arr.length; _i++) {
    var item = arr[_i];

4. Delete Library API Definition

To let other TypeScript libraries take advantage of yours, you need to create a .d.ts document to speak all open types and APIs from your own library. Note these definitions are a sure and accurate reference of public APIs as they are constantly updated and up-to-date as you usually need them when writing tests in TypeScript again.

5. Build-in Support for JavaScript Packaging

You can define a principle ts section document and mention all the ts records you need in the js output records. Collect base notes of ts section with –out option, compiler will combine all ts documents directly or indirectly into one js document sequentially.

That way, we can easily customize our library into many variants. For example, with an equivalent code base, we can make explicit translations of Browser specialists for work areas and multipurpose separately. We only need to create one document section for each form with a distinctive ts note in it.

6. Punctuation Equation for Backend (Java, Scala)

We are using java as well as scala on the back end. Like TypeScript for dialects, it can allow our designers the option of switching between front-end as well as back-finish to make programming smoother.

7. JavaScript Supersets

As a JavaScript superset, TypeScript has a simple method to learn for JavaScript engineers. This means you can quickly accept TypeScript in your current JavaScript project in a way that is less difficult than CoffeeScript or ClojureScript.

We have learned many things about learning typescript programming, starting from the understanding, components and advantages of this programming language compared to the javascript programming language. Thank you for visiting and reading this article, hopefully it will be useful.

Greetings Success – By : Muhammad Rizal

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