What is PHP? PHP Programming Objectives and Main Functions

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In this article the admin will explain about What is PHP? and the admin will also explain about the main objectives and functions of PHP programming. Well of course in this article the admin will discuss in full what is php? the main purpose and function of PHP programming.

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Okay let's start our introduction to PHP by learning the basics: what is PHP? PHP is an open source programming language, meaning that this language is free to be developed by anyone and is free for general purposes. PHP programming language is very useful for the development of a website and the most important thing is that it can work with servers.

In other words we can say, this language is meant to handle the back-end. For this reason the PHP programming language is running on the server, and the user only sees the plain HTML display contained in the front-end.

As you might guess, scripts written in PHP are meant almost exclusively for the server side. It can load data and feed it into the HTML DOM, but it certainly doesn't have as much control as the javascript programming language, for example. However it can connect to the database, start a session and assign scripts to HTML documents and can perform many other tasks.

If you ask what PHP is used for, of course you will hear many very famous names, because of its efficiency and flexibility, the PHP programming language is the basis of the largest network and website system in the world.

Another question that may still be a question for someone who is new to the PHP programming language on the basics of PHP is What PHP means. When Rasmus Lerdorf created it in 1994, it was originally known as the Personal Home Page, but over time this programming language changed its name and became known as PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor.

What is PHP? The Most Important Thing

  • PHP programming language is a coding language that can run on the server side.
  • Functionality can allow you to create dynamic web pages.
  • PHP programming language is a free, powerful and efficient programming language. That is a major advantage when compared to its competitors such as (microsoft ASP).
  • Before you learn this programming language, you must first get at least a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS.
  • In this article, we will give you some useful basics to start learning PHP programming.

PHP Files Explained

To be able to write php code, of course, you have to save it in a file with a .php extension. Although these languages ​​have different extensions, they can also function as basic HTML files. PHP files are a combination of HTML, PHP and javascript as well as plain text.

If you check a document that is loaded, you will not find any trace of this PHP language. This can happen because the PHP programming language is executed on the server side, and only HTML content is generated and displayed in the web browser.

Details and Functions

Although the PHP programming language is universal in its entirety, it is the most suitable language for website development. There are several ways to be able to use PHP in terms of creating a website.

What is PHP used for? please refer to the points below:
  • Create a dynamic content.
  • Create, open, delete, write, read, and close files that are located on the server side.
  • Is a collection of data from the form.
  • Can receive and send cookies.
  • Can add and change the information contained in the database.
  • Can perform data encryption.
  • For the output itself not only HTML files but also PDF files, Flash, XML files and other text.
Example of Basic PHP Syntax
To be able to see how this programming language is written in a simple way, friends can see the example script below:
    echo "ini merupakan tag simple php.";
Next we will discuss the advantages of this PHP programming language, please refer to and understand the discussion below.

PHP Programming Advantages

Of course, this programming language has many advantages when using PHP as a whole. The admin has presented several points that friends must know from the advantages of this PHP programming language, please refer to the points below:
  • PHP programming language is a programming language that runs on the server side and is easy to learn and understand but also very efficient to use.
  • For this language, of course, it can run on various platforms such as Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS and so on. Therefore, this language is very portable and convenient to use in discussing a website.
  • This programming language, of course, can connect to almost every server as you already know, namely Apache and IIS and can connect to many databases.
  • PHP is a free and open source programming language, meaning that anyone can develop it. It also has a very large user base, making it easy to find answers to any questions that arise while using this programming language.


To make it easier for readers, the admin will conclude from the article that the admin has written above, now, friends, please pay attention and understand the conclusions below:
  • The PHP programming language is used to create dynamic websites and platforms of course.
  • This programming language is a programming language that runs on the server side.
  • To use this programming language, of course, it is free, it is also more powerful and efficient than its competitors, namely Microsoft ASP.
We can call this PHP language an advanced language, why is that? because to be able to learn it, friends, of course, you must have knowledge of HTML and CSS.
Well maybe that's all that admin can convey in this discussion, hopefully this article can provide knowledge and be useful for readers.

Thank you for visiting and reading this article about What is PHP? PHP Programming Objectives and Main Functions. Hopefully useful -- greetings success :)

By: Muhammad Rizal Supriadi

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